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Home Learning – Pack 2

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Supporting your children at home during this time

As you can appreciate all teachers are concerned about the loss of teaching time and the impact on your child’s learning, but at these unprecedented times it is totally out of our control.  Therefore, these resources should go some way in reducing the loss of face to face education we would provide. We of course do not know how long this situation will be with us, but rest assured that we continue to update these resources weekly and add new links.

Children came home with their school logins to a number of our online apps so they can continue to access these at home, as well as this printed pack. These apps can be accessed from the menu on this page.

Printed packs

A printed pack came home just before we went into lockdown.  A second pack is being prepared for collection for any parent who has requested it. We encourage parents to have a routine for home schooling as this supports the mental health of children and families.  We don’t expect you to do hours of home learning every day!  Any printed information we send home will be focused on securing existing learning, rather than expecting you to teach new concepts. 

Home learning menu for term 4 & 5

Please encourage and support your child to complete the whole home learning menu for this term. This can all then come into school to be celebrated when the school re-opens. Children can also undertake a project of their own, linked to the topic, or an interest of their own.  This can work along similar lines to the home learning menu with a range of activities you and your child devise. Pinterest has some lovely practical activities your child could use as a guide for ideas.


Your child came home with additional reading books appropriate to their reading level.  We have added a reading challenge that your child can undertake using books you have at home. 

We also have our booklist which has teacher’s favourite books along with links of how you can access the books for free or very inexpensively, as we appreciate that libraries and book shops remain closed.

If your child has access to additional books at home, you can check whether these are on AR and their level on

Please do encourage your child to read for pleasure – note these in their reading record so we can celebrate all the reading your child is doing at home with you. This can be reading online articles, reading non-fiction texts, reading from the printed packs

Pupils will also be able to complete AR quizzing at home using their usual login, please access this site using – Bobbing  -Iwade

Story time

Please do continue to read to your child, even if your child is in the older year groups.

Across the school each class has story time every day where an adult reads a picture book (younger children) or a chapter book. This is a crucial part of reading for pleasure and allows children to listen to stories they would be unable to read for themselves.  They are exposed to more complex language and vocabulary, as well as hearing how adults use expression in their voices when reading.  Apart from that, it’s a lovely time to spend with your child.


On our website you will find our maths calculation methods. This can help you to see how we teach maths so you can support your child

Lost or locked passwords

Please contact the Iwade school office if you have a lost or locked password for any of our apps.  Bobbing Village School remains closed at present.

Additional websites